Technical Specifications of Payon Steel Doors

Technical Specifications of Payon Steel Doors

Payon Doors are the new generation of laser-cut metal doors offered in different dimensions.

Payon Doors are available in different types including apartment entrance doors, garage doors, courtyard doors, home doors, villa entrance door, garden doors, sliding doors, lobby doors, and office doors.


  • Payon Doors are offered in single-leaf, one-and-a-half leaf and double-leaf formats.
  • The doors are cut using fully automatic CNC laser technology that guarantees delicacy without impairing the strength of the steel sheet
  • The materials used in the doors match universal standard.
  • The doors can also come with the logo or brand of any organization, company and … on the surface.
  • Sheets are offered in 3 and 4 mm thick sheets according to the international standards and have QC badges on them. The sheet’s thickness may be changed at customer’s request.
  • Applicable as automatic door.
  • The doors can also be offered in customized size.
  • offered in seamless format, the Payon metal doors guarantee strength and security
  • The frame profiles are offered in 80mm x 80mm dimensions.
  • The leaf profile is offered in 40 mm x 100 mm dimensions
  • Pyong metal doors are manufactured according to accurate engineering principles.
  • welding is carried out using advanced machinery that guarantee strength and durability.
  • The glass used in the doors is impact-resistant tempered glass offering the same aesthetic features as mirror which make it a good choice for poorly lit environments such as roofed parking lots
  • designed by diligent designers and architects, the Pyong doors are actually a combination of strength and integrity and beauty.

– Azar Felez-e Payoun can provide customers with customized metal doors in the shortest possible time

Customized doors are offered with either mechanical or electric locks.

– At customers’ request and order, the Payoun might be painted electrostatically to increase their resistance against rust and other erosive factors in all climatic conditions.

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